Founded in 1882, Brillantmont International School is one of the oldest boarding schools in Switzerland. We welcome around 100 students, boarding and day, aged 13-18, from over 30 different nationalities into a warm, family environment.

Brillantmont is a special place to live and learn. We treat everyone as an individual, with unique talents and interests, inspiring them to achieve their full potential.
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Learning happens inside and beyond the classroom.
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Brillantmont is the place our students call home- a safe place in which to grow and mature.
Living alongside others from many different nationalities is a unique experience and the friendships made will last a lifetime.
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There is only one Brillantmont in the world. There is only one you in the world. We are each unique.
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Summer Course
Are you aged 10-17 and ready to have the summer of a lifetime?
Are you looking forward to learning French or English, making friends from all over the world and discovering Switzerland?
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The fact that our students come from around 30 different nationalities provides opportunities to learn from each other, to learn about other cultures and mindsets and to share authentic life experiences.

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