Growing up isn’t always easy: we’re here to help students every step of the way on their journey to adulthood.

Healthcare at Brillantmont


At Brillantmont our professional team of health experts work closely with parents, teachers and boarding staff to ensure that the health needs of every student are met. The team is led by our Student Wellbeing & Pastoral Care Coordinator and includes a trained school nurse and a nursing assistant. We understand how worrying it can be when your child is ill and we work hard to develop a trusting relationship between you, your child and the nursing staff. Communication is key and an important document for admission to Brillantmont is the school health form which should include a detailed vaccination history. This helps us to plan and deliver appropriate care and keep your child and other children safe. Whilst vaccinations can be arranged through the School Doctor it is important that childhood vaccinations are up to date prior to starting at Brillantmont.

If your child feels unwell the health team intervenes quickly to decide on the best course of action. Care & support can be provided during the day in our health clinics and at night, working closely with the House Parents, the nurse is on-call for any problems that may arise. If your child is a boarding student and is not well enough to attend school he/she can rest in their room where the appropriate care and treatment will be provided. Our School Doctor provides advice and timely appointments when necessary, prescribes medicines or treatment, or refers to another specialist if necessary. Appointments with other specialised health professionals and dentists can also be organised. The Cantonal University hospital and the Children’s Hospital are within close proximity.

We recognise that the teenage years can be a stressful and difficult time. This can be exacerbated for those students who are away from home. Our Student Wellbeing & Pastoral Care Coordinator is available to speak with students who are struggling for whatever reason. Brillantmont is a small school and whilst it is important that we work with different members of the school community to ensure your child has the best care possible, we only divulge information on a need-to know-basis and are aware of the importance of confidentiality.

Well-being at Brillantmont


We want students to feel happy, settled and at home in Brillantmont and have designed a student ‘buddy’ system to help make the transition into a new school as stress-free as possible. Each new student is allocated a ‘Student Advisor’, an existing BM student who will make contact before your child starts at school and provide support during the first few weeks. In addition our House system helps each student to feel part of a larger group from the start. Students are mixed in age, gender and nationality and work together to plan their own whole school social events.

All students attend personal, social health education courses in small peer groups. A wide range of subjects are explored : positive relationships, physical health (covering things such as smoking, alcohol, drugs) and a particular emphasis on communication skills. The PSHE curriculum is responsive to student needs and age appropriate. In the latter two years PSHE changes its focus towards preparing students for their university applications and essay writing.

Growing up isn’t always easy and sometimes young people need to discuss personal or difficult issues with a caring, trusted adult. The health team is available to give help and support to all students. Our Student Wellbeing & Pastoral Care Coordinator , works with students needing extra support on a one-to-one basis and collaborates with key members of staff to ensure the student has a holistic and individualised personal support programme.

“Meeting others from so many different nationalities at Brillantmont made me become a citizen of the world”
Kofi, BM alum

Spirituality at Brillantmont


At Brillantmont we encourage each individual to be the best they can, to reach their full potential. We recognise that to grow and flourish we need strong, supportive relationships and a safe and nurturing environment. Our culturally diverse close knit community provides a place where students live and work alongside others of different faiths and beliefs. This can be an enriching experience.

Brillantmont is a school which welcomes students of all or no faith. We understand that students may wish to continue to practise their faith during their time at Brillantmont and we facilitate visits to their place of worship. Lausanne is a multicultural city : most major faiths are represented, with many services in languages other than French.

A non-exhaustive list of places of worship in Lausanne includes :

  • Anglican Church (services in French, English)
  • Catholic Church (services in Latin, French, English, Spanish, Italian and other languages)
  • Quaker Church
  • Synagogue
  • Mosque
  • Hindu Temple
  • Buddhist Temple

In addition, the school Chef is experienced in preparing food respecting certain religious dietary laws.