“The 'can do' attitude of the school and individual attention provided a real contrast to our experience with other schools.  We would and have highly recommended the school to other parents.”

Mrs Smith, parent

Boarding School at Brillantmont


For around 100 boarding students, Brillantmont is the place they call home. We want them to feel happy, safe and secure and part of the Brillantmont family.

The students live in one of five boarding houses with others of the same gender and age and are fully supervised by caring staff who live amongst them and help create a sense of togetherness in which every student can fully develop in confidence. Living with others of different nationalities is an enriching experience, in which students learn tolerance and a sensitivity to people from other cultures.

The bedrooms are spacious and many overlook the lake and the Alps. Most students share a room with another student, from a different country, although there are a limited number of single rooms available. Each boarding house has a lounge area and a small kitchen. The fully balanced, international-style meals are taken in the dining room with staff.

Of course, there are certain rules, which are based on age. However, as Brillantmont students mature, they are encouraged to become more responsible.

The small size of the school means that even students who arrive in the middle of the school year can fit in easily and quickly make new friends. At the end of the school day, extra-curricular activities take place and the school is buzzing with life. All students are encouraged to participated as fully as possible in the life of the school and to join the different activities and excursions which are organised in the evenings and at weekends.

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Day School

About a third of our students are day students. Some are Swiss locals, others are expatriates who may have just moved into the area. They live mostly in the Lausanne area, however some travel every day from Geneva and Neuchâtel.

Company relocations are not always ideally timed. Thus, we accept day students throughout the academic year and do our utmost to ensure that students adapt quickly and painlessly to their new circumstances.

The Brillantmont bus service collects students at Lausanne station in the morning to bring them to school, if there is sufficient demand. Otherwise, students can come by Metro (Station: Ours) or with the no.7 or no.13 bus. See public transportation website for more information.

Day students are an integral part of Brillantmont and are encouraged to participate fully in school life. Most eat lunch at school, with the boarders and at the end of the day, can join the numerous extra-curricular activities. They are also welcome to sign up for the trips that take place at weekends.
When day students do not have class, they can use the library / media area for study, relax in the student lounge or elsewhere on campus.

We understand that parents are very busy so we offer various facilities to help day students : they can eat dinner at school and occasionally stay in the boarding school, should both parents need to travel.

We also offer five-day boarding which is an interesting option for families living in Switzerland or neighbouring France.

The school day at Brillantmont

For boarding students, during the school day, the alarm clock rings at 7.

  • 07h00: Wake up
  • 07h30-8h00: Breakfast
  • 08h00: Room check
  • 08h30: Classes begin
  • 11h45 or 12h35: Lunch
  • 15h50: Classes finish
  • 16h20-17h15: Extra-curricular activities or free time
  • 17h30-18h30: Extra-curricular activities or Study Period
  • 18h45: Dinner
  • 19h30-20h30: Study Time for High School Students / On campus activity for under 14s
  • 20h30/21h00: Students in boarding house (time depends on age)
  • Bedtime and lights out times vary depending on the age of the student

For day students, the schedule is a bit different.

  • 08h15: Optional bus pick-up service at Lausanne Station
  • 08h30: Classes begin
  • 11h45 or 12h35: Lunch
  • 15h50: Classes finish
  • 16h20-18h30: Extra-curricular activities (start/finish times vary according to the activity)


The outline of the school day above serves as a guide. There may be variations in this outline depending on the age of the student and the requirements of the academic programme followed.

House system

Want to know about our House system?

Every student, day and boarding, belongs to one of five houses – Rousseau, Einstein, Piccard, Chaplin and Anker. Each house is made up of students of different ages and nationalities. The houses are led by elected Student Leaders and assisted by Student Advisors, who receive training in leadership skills. House meetings take place once a week and provide the opportunity for making new friendships, joining team-building activities and creating a sense of belonging.

Inter-house competitions (sports day, talent show, film-making) take place throughout the school year to earn house points which count towards the end of year House Shield.

The different houses play a key role in helping new students get to know the school and settle in more easily: prior to arrival, new students are in contact with others from their house and during the first few days various getting-to-know you activities help them make new friends and feel at home.

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