Keeping fit and healthy and having fun with our varied sports programme

At Brillantmont sports play a very important role in school life. All students take sports classes as part of their timetable and we try to make these classes as varied as possible, so they can try lots of different sports during their time at the school. We participate in several sporting events in Lausanne, such as the Colour Run, Lausanne Marathon, Lausanne 20km run and the popular fancy dress Christmas Midnight Run.

Our mutipurpose hall – the Françoise Frei-Huguenin Sports and Cultural Centre -sits at the heart of the campus and offers a wealth of different sports and activities.

In addition, we also use many local facilities to offer a wide range of activities, which varies according to the season, for example: beach volleyball, cross country, swimming, ice skating, cycling, cross country skiing and even pedalo on glorious summer days.

Brillantmont competes regularly against other private schools in the area and we are proud of our sports’ results. School teams meet at the end of the school day and cover many disciplines. The impressive display of trophies in the reception area shows just how successful our school teams are.

Visual Arts & Photography

Art and Photography: get creative!

Art plays a central role in developing student’s creativity and imagination. All art classes take place in the art studio, which is light and airy and in which students can use many medium including pastels, oils, charcoal, drawing, design, printing, sculpture, collage and craft-work.

All Middle School students take Art, exploring many different styles of expression. In High School, many students continue to study art, either as a class or as a club and their exceptional creations are displayed throughout the school. Several students have entered leading Art and Design schools throughout the world and work in that field.

Photography can be followed as a class or a club. Students are encouraged to observe the world around them and learn not only digital photography but also the fundamentals of the darkroom.


Feel the Brillantmont beat!

Music is an essential part of life at Brillantmont.

All Middle School students take music classes as part of their programme. The Music Studio, has electronic keyboards, recording equipment and other instruments available and students explore a range of musical styles.

Many students wish to continue or commence individual instrumental lessons (piano, guitar, violin etc.) and the school works closely with specialised music teachers to enable students to take classes in any instrument, at all levels. For students who wish to continue with music studies at an advanced level, many different opportunities are available in Lausanne, including the Conservatory.

Brillantmont has a very talented rock band whose repertoire covers many styles of music. The BM Rock Band performs regularly at school events and is hugely popular. It is always on the look-out for singers, guitarists, drummers and other musicians.

The Vocal Club welcomes male and female singers of all abilities who develop their vocal skills through various exercises and perform a repertoire ranging from classical to folk to rock.

Various events throughout the school year (talent night, the Boarding Christmas Dinner, the St.Nicolas party, the Musical Evening, the Graduation and Prize Giving Day) enable all students to share their musical talents with others.


Drama – dare to be someone else!

Drama allows students to explore their imagination and give free-rein to their creativity, both on-stage and behind the scenes. It also develops self-confidence, self-awareness and vocal skills.

The Drama Club meets weekly and welcomes students of all ages. Students develop skills and techniques which they display at the annual school play. In recent years, this has included a satire of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel, a daring murder-mystery dinner, an adaptation of The Jungle Book and a hilarious Dr Seuss version of Romeo and Juliet.

For students who love all things creative but don’t want to go on stage, numerous back-stage opportunities exist from sound technician to set-designer.